Mar 292012

My wonderful mother was here visiting for the weekend. Her name is Dorothy.

When I am speaking about Dorothy to my friends, we often refer to her as Dottie. A conversation that may look like this:

Me: Dorothy is coming to visit.
Friend: Who Dottie?
Me: Yeah…Dottie loves it.

What Dottie loves could be a million things. We just usually end any conversation about her with that statement.

When I knew she was coming to visit I thought to myself, what could I make for Dottie that she loves?

So I came up with a list of 10 things, in no particular order, that she loves. It may not be her top ten but I would be willing to bet these come pretty close.

1. Coffee
2. Lavender
3. Day Spas
4. Kettleone
5. The color blue
6. Golf (now gun club)
7. All snacks but mostly salami, crackers and strong cheeses
8. Babies
9. Good hamburgers
10. Michigan State Spartans

Using this list, I racked my brain on what I could make her, which really means I did a lot of searching on Pinterest, and finally found exactly what she needed – a Coffee and Lavender Sugar Body Scrub, DUH! (see recipe below)

This covered 3 of her favorite things – (1) coffee, (2) lavender and (3) day spa….although she will have to scrub herself. That is where I have to draw the line, Dorothy!

Then I thought, lemon zest might be good in there too. This could cover (4) Kettleone because sometimes she has a lemon with her Kettleone.

(5) Blue ribbon!

Then the list just took off from there!

We didn’t go golfing but after we did go to the (6) gun club, which I’m pretty sure is now on her top ten list.

Heather – it sort of looks like a country club, right? That’s the club house in the background.

Oh looky here – salami and breadstick (7) snacks at the gun club.

And pecorino while cooking.

Then we saw some (8) baby cows! This little guy is 1 day old in this picture. She couldn’t hold it or change it’s diaper but it’s still a baby so it counts.

Hamburger at the Notch, the local bar. Obviously seeing the baby cows didn’t ruin her appetite for a (9) good burger.

BTW, I give the fries at The Notch a 5 out of 10…10 being the best. Sorry Notch. Let’s work on it, okay?

Unfortunately, Michigan State lost in the 3rd round of the tournament so we didn’t get to watch any good MSU basketball. We did drink out of these glasses every day though so that counts too. (10) Go Spartans.

(11) Go Broncos. Oh wait, Western Michigan didn’t make the list. Thanks a lot Dottie! I love this picture.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Ten for ten of things Dottie loves!

Mom, I’ve already started making a new list of ten things you love for your next visit so hurry up and get back here! I swear we won’t have to organize and inventory the freezer the next time you’re here!

Coffee Lavender Lemon Sugar Body Scrub 
Adapted from Joy the Baker
Makes About 1 Cup

1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/4 cup finely ground coffee
2 tablespoons dried lavender
1/2 cup vegetable glycerin
1. Combine all ingredients in bowl
2. Stir well
3. Transfer to airtight container
4. Scrub on hands and body then rinse

  2 Responses to “Dottie Loves It!”

  1. Looks like Dottie also loves her burger well done…Give me that salami!!

  2. BEST entry so far. Thanks Kristen Annie. It is so nice to have someone who knows me. Ten for ten!
    I do love the Bronco picture – maybe next year they will make it. I LOVE YOU!,,

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